Eden is our game launcher made so that anyone can easily download or update any of our games. You can also read the news of your favorite games and chat with your friends. The code is available here.



You can look for games in the marketplace and add them to your library. Once you did that, you can easily

  • see your achievements
  • see the news (and the last one is featured)
  • download, play, update and uninstall a game


As one could expect of a game launcher, you can

  • edit your description, username, and avatar
  • find users, and send friend requests
  • see your recent games
  • increase or decrease someone else reputation
  • send messages to your friends

Other notes

The launcher was made in Java 16, using JavaFX (with the fxml module) for the view.

We are using our API, Nexus, to handle all the requests to the server.

The code is only working on Windows but we are planning to make it available on Linux.